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2019년 4월 9-11일 프랑스, 파리, Marriott Conference Center

Tuesday 09 April AI NET Tutorial Track 3

    Conference Room Auditorium Level -1

  • Registration and welcome coffee from 07.30
  • Start of the TUTORIAL 14.00
  • Exhibition open from 09.00 to 19.30
  • Seated Lunch: 12.30
  • End of TUTORIAL 17.00

Tuesday 09 April 2019

AI Net Tutorial
Auditorium Level -1

Thursday 11 April 2019

AI net Conference
Auditorium Level -1


AI net Conference

Auditorium Level -1

Seated Lunch

        Tutorial presented by Orange Labs representants
Deep Learning, Supervised Learning, LSTM, CNN, Timeseries: «A Day in the Life»

This tutorial covers end to end machine learning including deep learning techniques applied to Network Data.

The goal is to share a methodology that sketches all the steps from raw data transformation and visualization to model generation and application including performance evaluation. The tutorial is based on real network data.
  • Raw network data and their transformation into a tabular format

  • Visualization and network data analysis (distribution, correlation, etc.)

  • Preprocessing of network data and which function to consider depending on the data shape (e.g. scaling, normalization, outlier removal, differentiation, etc.)

  • A Network data forecasting is presented to illustrate how important and complex is to configure a neural network. Several variations of the hyper parameters are shown to assess their impact on the forecasting of network timeseries

  • A Network data anomaly detection with deep learning is presented to illustrate a typical classification operation and to benchmark several deep learning architectures to clarify the impact on the classification problem
End of the Tutorial