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The Essentials of Bio-based Markets, Feedstocks and Technology in the Development of the Asia Bioeconomy


Course description:

This course will clearly explain the markets, terminology, technical and scientific principles of the key conversion routes from feedstock to saleable product with specific focus on the Asia markets.


Course agenda:

Bio-based Markets & Routes


  • Mapping out the substitution opportunities for bio-based fuels and products
  • Risks to the bioeconomy, including other renewable energy options
  • Analysing the competitive positioning of different resources and routes
  • Trends and forecasts in bio-based markets
  • Policy motivations, mechanisms and uncertainties 

Fundamentals of Biomass Resources and Sustainability


  • Key constituents of “biomass” and how this impacts its application: chemistry and carbon cycle basics
  • Feedstock characteristics – yield and energy value
  • Land use and sustainability: solar energy; the fuel vs. food debate
  • Challenges and risks in scaling up biomass supply and supply reliability
  • Factors in determining feedstock sustainability and costs of biomass certification systems
  • Overview on recent developments in sustainable biomass certification – bottom up and top down approaches 

Principles and Relationships of Bio-conversion pathways 

  • • The chemistry and components of biomass feedstocks
  • • Feedstock types, including wastes
  • • An overview of conversion pathways, including routes to intermediates, chemicals and fuels
  • • The commercial status of different pathways
  • • The pros and cons of different routes, in terms of efficiency, cost, flexibility and other constraints
  • • Understanding how the same end-product can be produced from multiple feedstocks – and multiple end-products from the same feedstock 

About your Trainer:

Paul Cawsey, Lead Bioenergy Trainer, Green Power Academy 

Paul works full-time for Green Power Academy (GPA), leading our independent industry research and training programme development in the bioenergy and biochemistry sectors. In this role he holds specific expertise in feedstock science, commercialisation and management; biomass conversion technologies (biological, thermal & chemical); biofuel and biochemical product pathways; bioenergy markets and policies.

About Green Power Academy: 

Green Power Academy provide premium training for the worldwide energy industry.

They were established in 2008 in order to address the shortfall in market informationor organisations and individuals involved within the renewable energy industry.

Since then they have trained more than 1300 delegates. All Green Power Academy courses are independently CPD certified.


Course details:

Date: 16 June 2014

Location: Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Price: US$499

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