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Day 1: Tuesday 17 June, 2014

9.00     Registration and networking refreshments

Keynote Session

10.00   Regional Developments for Global Industries:Updates on the Asia Bio Markets

Leveraging The Agro and Petrochemical Industries to Advance the Bioeconomy

Dato’ Dr. Mohd. Nazlee Kamal, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Biotech Corporation

National Biomass Strategy 2020: New wealth creation for Malaysia’s biomass industry

Mr Bas Melssen, Executive Vice President – Strategic Innovation Projects, National Innovation Agency Malaysia

Title to be Confirmed

Mr Azli Razili, Vice President, Group Strategy, Sime Darby

Moderator: Mr Andrew Soare, Senior Analyst, Lux Research

11.30   Structured partnering refreshment break

Track 1: Creating Regional Bio-hubs

12.00   Feedstock Supply Debate: Securing new cost effective sources

  • 1st Generation Feedstocks: A look at the current market and supply network for use in biofuels and bio-based chemicals. Are there opportunities for sustainable feedstock growth?
  • 2nd Generation Feedstocks: Benefits to using the biorefinery model for added value creation through waste, residues and by-products
  • 1G versus 2G: What are the current prices and availability?
  • Regional resource map for palm oil empty fruit bunches, sugarcane bagasse and other agricultural waste

Matching Feedstocks from Oil Palm Industry to Bio-based Chemicals and Fuels: Issues and Opportunities

Mr Hirzun Mohd Yusof, Vice President i, Integrative and Applied Biology, Sime Darby Plantations

Highly productive Jatropha varieties and byproducts will bring commercial viability to Jatropha Plantation

Dr. Hong Yan, Chief Scientific Officer, JOil

Moderator: Mr Tong Yen Wah, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

1.30      Networking lunch break

2.30      Ensuring Sustainable Feedstocks

  • The importance of sustainable feedstocks in order to foster the development of the bioeconomy
  • Implementing Certification Schemes: What efforts are being made to certify sustainable biomass and how is that having an effect on business deals in the region?
  • Reviewing opportunities and strategies towards a better understanding of sustainability criteria across the region in order to encourage business transactions

The Situation and Potential of Forestry and Wood Waste to Energy in Malaysia

Mr Puad Elham, Research Officer, Bioenergy Programme, Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Algae: The Next Generation Sustainable Feedstock

Mr Syed Isa Syed Alwi, Chief Executive Officer, Algaetech

Moderator: Mr Tong Yen Wah, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

4.00      Networking refreshment break

4.30      Establishing the Value Chain

  • A more in-depth look at the technical challenges currently facing conversion processes and the solutions the Asian region provides
  • Opportunities with feedstock resources and climatic conditions that are unique to Asia that require new or customised conversion technology to be developed
  • What opportunities are there for internationally proven conversion technology? Are these mainly for 1G or 2G feedstocks?
  • Technology Review: A look at some of the conversion technologies that could break ground for the Asia bio markets

IH2 Technology:Commercial Progress and Product Quality

Ms Pat Leung, Global Business Manager, Upstream & Renewables, CRI Catalyst Company

Title to be Confirmed

Mr Hans van der Pol, Strategic Marketing Director - New Business Ventures, Corbion

Title to be Confirmed

Ms Monique de Moel, Business Development Energy and Industry, Port of Rotterdam

Moderator: Mr Nicholas Ashby, Chief Executive Officer, Celadon Capital

6.00      Close of Conference Day 1

6.30       World Bio Markets Asia Gala Dinner Hosted by Malasian Biotechnology Corporation and Green Power Conferences

Track 2: Strategies for Asia: Finance, Investment and Applications

Moderator: Mr Andrew Soare, Senior Analyst, Lux Research

12.00   Building and Funding a Biomass Business for Malaysia by Enhanced Supply Chains

  • See how innovative supply chains can make biomass exports competitive to Japan, Korea, and even Europe
  • Learn more about biomass export markets
  • Find out how to transform a biomass export business into a Malaysian biorefinery business
  • Learn the status of a €200 million BioTrade Fund, now being developed

Mr Douglas Bradley, President, Climate Change Capital

12.30    Investment in Start Up Technologies

  • Do financiers and investors fully understand the "green aspects" of fuel and chemical projects:feedstocks, policy, and sustainability?
  • Overcoming the technological risks of conversion processes and plant construction
  • How to obtain financing for unproven technology and proven technology that is new to the region, to specific feedstocks and to the local climatic conditions

1.00   Title to be confirmed

Mr Kartik Dharmadhikari, Biomass Conversion Business Development, Novozymes

1.30       Networking lunch break

2.30      Global Review of Bio-based Opportunities: Solid & Liquid Fuels, Chemicals and Materials

  • International success stories for biofuels, bio-based chemicals and bio-based materials: What can be learnt that can be transferred to the Asian markets?
  • Understanding the different values of the end products that will affect the initial allocation of the feedstock
  • Long Term Development: Forecasts for the Asia bio markets

Disruptive Technologies in the Evolving Bioeconomy

Mr Andrew Soare, Senior Analyst, Lux Research

Unique Routes to Biobased Chemicals

Dr. Tom Beardslee, Vice President, Research & Development, Verdezyne

Title to be Confirmed

Mr Vital Aelion, Vice President, Strategic Planning, Cool Planet Energy Systems

Title to be Confirmed

Mr Timothy Ong, Acting Chairman, Pellet Association Malaysia

Moderator: Mr Andrew Soare, Senior Analyst, Lux Research

4.00      Networking refreshment break

4.30      Panel: South East Asia’s Role in Aviation Biofuels

  • With so much biomass productivity to be harnessed in South East Asia but with a variety of risks as well, how do you de-risk the biofuels opportunities in the region?
  • Reviewing ASEAN-SAM: Developing a unified and sustainable aviation industry in South East Asia
  • Discussions on Indonesia’s proposed mandate of 2% blend of biojet fuel by 2015/2016 – who will it affect, the economics of the mandate and the question of sustainability?

Mr Michael Lakeman, Biofuel Strategist, Boeing

Mr Frederic Eychenne, New Energies Programme Manager, GXDA - Environmental Affairs, AIRBUS

Mr Naomichi "Hiro" Terasaki, Adviser, CSR Promotion, All Nippon Airways

Mr Martin Eran-Tasker, Technical Director, Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA)

Mr Khoo Hock Aun, Vice Chair, Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials

Moderator: Mr Andrew Soare, Senior Analyst, Lux Research

6.00     Close of Conference Day 1

6.30     World Bio Markets Asia Gala Dinner Hosted by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation and Green Power Conferences  

Day 2: Wednesday 18 June, 2014

9.00      Registration and networking refreshments

Keynote Session

Moderator: Mr Khoo Hock Aun, Vice Chair, Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials

9.30      From Plantation to Product: Establishing the Value Chain

A Holistic Approach to the Bio Markets: The plantation growers perspective

Datuk Dr Makhdzir Mardan, Chief Executive, Malaysian Palm Oil Association

Title to be confirmed

En Hayazim Daud, Senior Manager of Investment Management Division, East Coast Economic Region Development Council

10.30   Structured partnering refreshment break

11.00   Keynote Continued

Title to be confirmed

Datuk Md. Zubir Ansori Yahaya, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Debt Ventures

12.00   Networking lunch break

Track 1: Creating Regional Bio-hubs

1.00      SynBioBeta: Synthetic Biology as a Tool for Biomass Conversion

This session will bring together investors, startup companies and established industry players in the growing field of synthetic biology for a series of short talks and discussions.  The talks will focus on tools and technologies for the conversion of biomass into higher value products as well as strategies for investing in companies in this area.

Mr Jeffrey Dietrich, Chief Technology Officer, Lygos

Dr. Denver Dale, Chief Executive Officer, On Point Capital

Mr Mike Fero, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Teselagen Biotechnology

Mr Spencer Adler, Investor and Entrepreneur, Spencer Adler

Moderator: Mr John Cumbers, Founder, SynBioBeta

2.15      Mapping the Market: An overarching perspective on fossil versus bio resources in Asia  

  • A look at the large scale potential of bio feedstocks, both the supply and demand, across Asia
  • Is this in response to the pressures to find alternatives to fossil fuels across the region?
  • Review how this knowledge will assist in optimising upstream opportunities

Mr Nicolas Denis, Partner, Mckinsey & Co.

Moderator: Mr Nicholas Ashby, Chief Executive Officer, Celadon Capital

3.00     Biomass Logistics, Infrastructure & Handling

  • Demonstrating a secure feedstock supply and strong infrastructure to make a solid business case to potential strategic partners and investors
  • Case studies of aggregating biomass in order to meet supply and demand
  • The importance of building regional ‘bio-hubs’ to get the biomass to market
  • What handling considerations need to be taken into account when working with Asia-based feedstocks and local conditions in order to ensure they do not ruin?

Mobilisation of Palm-based Biomass for Sustainable Development of Bioeconomy in Sabah, Malaysia:POIC Lahad Datu's Perspective

Datuk Dr. Pang Teck Wai, Chief Executive Officer, POIC Sabah

Dr Lee Ming Tong, Adviser, POIC Sabah 

Supply chain realisation of palm-based biomass for efficient downstream processing

Mr Mohamed Fazil Bin Mohamad Saad, Biomass & Special Projects Division, FELDA Palm Industries

Biomass Supply Chain Management & Logistics : A Case Study of PRESPL
Monish Ahuja, Director, Bermaco Energy

Moderator: Mr Khoo Hock Aun, Vice Chair, Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials

4.30        Close of Conference

Track 2: Strategies for Asia: Finance, Investment and Applications

Moderator: Mr Khoo Hock Aun, Vice Chair, Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials

1.00      Partnering to Progress Asia's Bioeconomy

  • Case studies of successful partnerships that have already been developed across Asia
  • Exchange of Experience: What unique opportunities are there for international and local organisations to partner in order to accelerate the development of a regional bio-hub? 
  • The importance of commercial partnerships to compliment government encouragement to development based markets in Asia

From Idea to Realisation of a Second Generation Biofuel Industrial Plant

Mr Pierluigi Picciotti, Business Development Director, Asia Pacific, Beta Renewables

1.30 Title to be confirmed

Mr Levien J. de Legé, Managing Director, China, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

2.00      Financing the Asian Bioeconomy from a venture capital perspective

  • Who is investing and what types of finance are available for bio-based projects in Asia?
  • What financiers and investors looking for from project developers before committing funds to their projects?
  • What opportunities do the more flexible styles of venture capitalists and banks in Asia offer the bio markets?

Mr William Byun, Managing Director, Greenpower Fuels

2.30      Networking refreshment break

3.00      Developing an Asian Bio-based Chemicals Market

With the already significant production of bioplastics across the continent forecasted to rise, what more needs to be done ro develop local market adoption?

High value and high performance is where bio-based chemicals are headed: How can Asia contribute to this devlopment?

Will the high consumer demand and the large feedstock supply lead to Asia becoming a dominant force in bio-based chemicals?

Biomass to Bioplastics - 2 Routes to Success

Ms Stamatina Sideri, Client Services, American Process

Bio-Based Thermoplastics for Consumer Packaged Goods Applications

Dr James H. Wang, Research Technical Leader, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Trends in Global Bioplastics Markets: An Asian Perspective

Mr Iqbal Huq, Chief Executive Officer, Cardia Bioplastics

Time to be confirmed

Isao Inomata, Adviser, Japan BioPlastics Association

Moderator: Mr Nicholas Ashby, Chief Executive Officer, Celadon Capital

4.30     Close of Conference

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