Prefabrication & Modular Construction Asia Summit 2015
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines


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"Prefabrication & Modular Construction Asia Summit will provide us with an extraordinary opportunity to network with global experts in the field. A must-attend!" - Advisor, Process Vertical, Larsen & Toubro Integrated Engineering Services
"This summit will cover all areas of prefabrication & modular construction and present very useful information to industry professionals. I am really looking forward to it" - Senior Consultant, Clovers Management
"This Summit is filled with practical project case studies and interactive discussions among industry experts. It is a great platform to hear about the latest industry trends that impact what we do on a daily basis." - President, KTRX Enterprise
"This was an excellent which provided tremendous amount of information and networking opportunities on a very important topic of discussion. Great experience sharing " - Global Engineering Program Manager, Unilever
"Excellent annual event which is filled with case studies and has broadened my knowledge on prefabrication & modular construction." - Senior Structural Engineer, Petronas
"Great networking opportunities & exchange of ideas!" - Senior Structural Design Manager, Triyards
"Fantastic event which is content-rich and provided a lot of practical information on the technical aspects of modular construction." - Structural Engineer, PTTEP

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