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Cambridge Healthtech Institute Training Seminars offer real-life case studies, problems encountered and solutions applied, and extensive coverage of the basic science underlying each topic. Experienced Training Seminar instructors offer a mix of formal lectures, interactive discussions and activities to help attendees maximize their learning experiences. These immersive trainings will be of value to scientists from industry and academic research groups who are entering new fields – and to those working in supporting roles that will benefit from an in-depth briefing on a specific aspect of the industry.

2020년 3월 24일(화) - 25일(수)

바이오프로세스 분석을 위한 실험계획법

Marcello Fidaleo, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Tuscia; Teaching Fellow, Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center, North Carolina State University


The aim of this training seminar is to provide the attendees with an introduction to the Design of Experiments (DoE) methods applied to analysis and optimization of bioprocesses. It focuses on the application of DoE methods using lectures, JMP statistical software (SAS Institute, NC), and case studies. The case studies, which provide real data, focus on microbial fermentation, chromatography, and pharmaceutical product formulation. Attendees will receive a practical overview of the following topics: basic statistical concepts for DoE; how to use factorial, fractional factorial, and response surface designs for the characterization and optimization of bioprocesses; how to interpret the output of experimental design software (normal probability, interaction and contour plots, or estimated coefficients tables for factorial or surface response models). Attendees are invited to bring their own laptops to get hands-on experience with JMP (it is suggested to preinstall a free 30-day trial downloadable online at, pen, and notepaper.

2020년 3월 24일(화) - 25일(수)

유전자 치료제와 바이러스 벡터의 개론

Jerrod Denham, Principal, Dark Horse Consulting
Andrew Steinsapir, Consultant, Dark Horse Consulting


In the age of gene therapy, there is a significant demand for scientists trained in the “dark arts” of viral vector production and analysis. This 1.5-day course has been specifically created for gene therapy scientists looking for a solid understanding of the analysis, quality control, and manufacture of AAV-, lentiviral- and retroviral-based products.

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