1-on-1 Networking in the Exhibit Hall
The Tri-Conference provides attendees with 1-on-1 access to many of the brightest minds in our industry through our easy-to-use event app. The app allows you to quickly connect, share knowledge, and build long-lasting partnerships – all on your own personalized schedule.

Suggested Meeting Locations:

Exhibit Hall:
Monday 6:00-7:30pm
Tuesday 9:40-6pm
Wednesday 9:40-2:00pm

Registration Foyer:
Monday 10:30-7:30pm
Tuesday 7:30-6:00pm
Wednesday 6:45-2:00pm

Hall B Foyer:
Tuesday 7:30-6:00pm
Wednesday 6:45-2:00pm

Networking Breaks in the Exhibit Hall

Take a break, grab a coffee and network!

March 3 at 9:40am:     Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

March 3 at 1:20pm:     Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

March 4 at 9:40am:     Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

March 4 at 1:20pm:     Refreshment Break in the Exhibit Hall

Networking Receptions in the Exhibit Hall

Take a break and network!

March 2 at 6:00pm:     Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall

March 3 at 4:50pm:     Spring Fling Celebration in the Exhibit Hall

Speed Networking in the Exhibit Hall

Join your fellow Tri-Conference attendees during Speed Networking!

Accelerate your business contacts through a dedicated time of facilitated networking with other delegates at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. Participants will be paired up for a quick burst of conversation and business card exchange. When time is up, delegates will move down the line to their next connection. Pre-registration is not required for speed networking.

March 3 at 10:00-10:20am

March 3 at 5:45-6:00pm

March 4 at 10:00-10:20am

March 4 at 1:25-1:40pm

Roundtable Breakout Discussions in the Exhibit Hall

These interactive discussion groups are open to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. Participants choose a specific breakout discussion group to join. Each group has a moderator to ensure focused discussions around key issues within the topic. This format allows participants to meet potential collaborators, share examples from their work, vet ideas with peers, and be part of a group problem-solving endeavor. The discussions provide an informal exchange of ideas and are not meant to be a corporate or specific product discussion.

March 3 at 2:00-3:00pm

* 주최측 사정에 따라 사전 예고없이 프로그램이 변경될 수 있습니다.

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