Towards Self Driven Networks / 2018년 4월 10-12일 / Marriott Paris
4월 10일(화)
4월 11일(수)
4월 12일(목)
기술 강좌
컨퍼런스 첫째날
컨퍼런스 둘째날
2018년 4월 10일(화)|기술 강좌

  • 08:00 등록, 커피
  • 14:00 강좌 시작
  • 10:00-19:00 전시회 개최
  • 12:30 점심식사
  • 18:30 강좌 종료

네트워크 업계에서 AI와 기계학습의 가능성
네트워크 업계 관계자를 대상으로 한 AI의 개념 소개
This session is designed for professionals who haven't yet learned about AI and have a strong network background.

Jean-Marc Uze
네트워크 관련 다양한 업무를 위한 AI
Marketing, customer management
Consumer related: games, chatbots/digital assistants (apps, call center)
Network optimization and traffic management
Technical support (for internal and external customer support)
AI technology: latest advances, providers/suppliers, data management
AI strategy

Michael Azoff,
Principal Analyst, Ovum

네트워크와 사용자 경험의 최적화를 향한 이동통신사업자의 AI 이용
The most immediate applications are often to increase operational efficiency of mobile operators networks, with AI-assisted planning and management, and preventative maintenance. This can have a significant impact on user experience, by fixing network issues before they affect the subscriber, and can also reduce operating costs. From that starting point, many MNOs will extend their use of AI, often in conjunction with 5G, to support entirely new, hyper-personalized services and experiences.

Caroline Gabriel,
Rethink Research
강좌 종료

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