ITSF 2017 The Internet of Time 11월 6 - 9일 // Warsaw
ITSF 2017 (The International Timing & Sync Forum)
- 국제 타이밍 & 동기 포럼 2017 -
일정 : 2017년 11월 6-9일
개최: 폴란드, 바르샤바
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ITSF 2017에서는 통신, 금융, 방송, 운송, 공익사업, IoT, 방위 등 분야의 시간과 동기를 위한 최신 솔루션이 소개되며, 기술면의 진보 및 문제에 대한 논의가 진행됩니다.
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"As synchronization isn't a common, everyday topic at the water fountain, ITSF provides a platform to measure ourselves on where we stand in the deployment of the latest and best practice technology as well as an opportunity to make technology decision with all vendors present. Without this exposure we have to rely on what our vendors tell us. It's not always a bad thing, but in my experience I would rather make a decision on what the technology of the day provides than what the "sales" of the day look like."
Stephan Nawn - Senior Network Specialist, Vodacom SA
"ITSF is the only conference in Europe which takes a real deep dive into the world of synchronisation and timing in telecommunications networks. This is a unique event and one which mobile network operators in particular must attend."
Andy Sutton - Principal Network Architect, EE
"ITSF is a unique chance to exchange experience between synchronization relevant manufacturers from the entire supply chain (oscillator vendors, chipset vendors, telecomms vendors and network operators) from Europe, Asia and U.S."
Helmut Imlau - Timing & Synchronization, Deutsche Telekom
"Thank you for the excellent job you have done in organizing of the conference. Without doubt it is an example of an outstanding, highly professional organization of a technical meeting in such a complicated area as timing and synchronization. I have to say that thanks to your personal efforts the conference, corresponding exhibition, and of course accompanying attendees interactions were very successful for Morion"
Dr. Yakov L. Vorokhovsky - President, Morion
"The ITSF conference provides an invigorating and engaging venue for carriers to learn about not only where the Timing and Sync industry is today, but perhaps more importantly, where it is headed in regards to new standards, new ideas, and theories from other carriers, vendors and industry leaders."
Todd Maki - Network Specialist, Telus
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