2018년 6월 28일(목)|18:00~21:00|디너 쇼트코스 #2

생물학적 위해로부터의 회복(Bio Recovery):공중위생과 공공안전에 대한 리스크 경감


Thomas Licker, CBRM, CEICR, President, American Bio Recovery Association

The purpose of this short course is to educate public entities on the resources available to mitigate risks to public health. This short course will provide some guidance to those who may be expected to respond in the event a release of (Other Potentially Infectious Materials) OPIM or biological hazards during a trauma event or other public health emergency. Topics to be covered will include:

  • Biosafety Risk Assessment - Rapid Field Assessment
  • Field Decontamination
  • Risk to first responders
  • Risk to the Remediation Crew
  • Training and Educational Opportunities
  • Recognition of third party certified professionals in Bio Recovery
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Public/Private partnerships

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