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Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy

(항암 바이러스를 이용한 면역치료)

큰 가능성을 가진 항암 바이러스(Oncolytic Virus) 요법의 상업화

2018년 8월 27일-28일

항암 바이러스(Oncolytic Virus)를 이용한 면역치료를 테마로 한 이 컨퍼런스 프로그램에서는 제약회사 및 연구기관을 선도하고 있는 연구자가 한자리에 모여 항암 바이러스를 이용한 면역치료의 개발을 가속시키기 위해 필요한 중요 단계에 대해 논의할 예정이며, 전달 및 병용요법의 전략, 바이러스의 개발, 제품에 관한 중요 최신 정보 등도 소개합니다.

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

Latest updates and future directions in oncolytic virus immunotherapy

  • Update on recent deals, science and collaborations - what are the market dynamics - types of viruses (Herpes, Adeno, Vaccinia)
  • Feedback from big pharma, Pfizer, Amgen's post T-Vec OV portfolio
  • What needs to happen to take OVs forward
  • Update from companies with late-stage products/approvals - post-market approvals

Oncolytics in an era of combination therapies

  • Are combinations the only way forward for oncolytics?
  • Examples of successful combination models - checkpoints, CAR Ts, kinase inhibitors, alternative to checkpoints, antibodies
  • Issues when combining OVs - feedback on trials
  • Evidence to support role of oncolytics as monotherapies?

Improving OV potency, targeting and efficacy

  • Engineering strategies to improve efficacy and specificity - highly armed OVs
  • New virus, mechanism of actions
  • Tumor targeted delivery - latest from Ignite
  • Impact of tumor microenvironment - vascularization

Improving delivery and administration

  • Oncolytics as a single shot vs. multiple shots - mechanisms of action, evidence-based medicine
  • IV vs. systemic - dosage, delivery, delivery when combining with PD-1s
  • Evidence to support systemic route, what data is available

Oncolytics in development: Update on major clinical and preclinical therapies

  • Clinical updates - results, safety, efficacy issues, patient selection, setting endpoints, presenting data to physicians
  • Lessons learned in the clinic - translational strategies, novel preclinical models, biomarkers
  • Regulatory expectations -what to submit to regulators, data to include, feedback

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